Google workers, labor advocates confront parent Alphabet over practices

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Google workers, labor advocates, and local community members rallied outside parent company Alphabet Inc.’s annual meeting of company shareholders here on Wednesday, calling on the technology company to change its labor practices. Employees, including several who presented investor-backed proposals inside the meeting, called on Google to listen to its workforce following… read more »

Robot traps ball without coding

This research outcome shows that robots can be intuitively taught to be flexible by humans, as it was not accomplished through numerical calculation or programming of the robot’s movements. Credit: Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) Dr. Kee-hoon Kim’s team at the Center for Intelligent & Interactive Robotics of the Korea Institute of Science… read more »

Record efficiency for a gas engine

Two-liter four-cylinder prechamber gas engine on the test bench in Empa’s engine lab. Credit: Empa At the end of May, the final meeting of the “Horizon 2020” project “GasOn” with the EU Commission took place in Brussels. The aim of this EU project was the further development of gas engines for cars and vans. Around… read more »

Researchers develop ‘vaccine’ against attacks on machine learning

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Researchers from CSIRO’s Data61, the data and digital specialist arm of Australia’s national science agency, have developed a world-first set of techniques to effectively ‘vaccinate’ algorithms against adversarial attacks, a significant advancement in machine learning research. Algorithms ‘learn’ from the data they are trained on to create a machine learning model… read more »