‘Deepfakes’ called new election threat, with no easy fix

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., left, greets witness Clint Watts, a cybersecurity and intelligence expert with the Foreign Policy Research Institute, at a hearing on politically motivated fake videos and manipulated media, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, June 13, 2019. The Intelligence Committee has subpoenaed former White House national security adviser Michael… read more »

Expansion microscopy and virtual reality illuminate new ways to prevent and treat disease

Brendan Gallagher, a biological sciences graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University, uses virtual reality to examine 3D biological data gathered using expansion microscopy. Credit: Carnegie Mellon University A combined research team from Carnegie Mellon University and Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason is pairing a nanoscale imaging technique with virtual reality (VR) technology to create… read more »

Carbon-neutral fuel made from sunlight and air

The research plant is located on the roof of the ETH building on Sonneggstrasse. Credit: ETH Zurich / Alessandro Della Bella Researchers from ETH Zurich have developed a novel technology that produces liquid hydrocarbon fuels exclusively from sunlight and air. For the first time worldwide they demonstrate the entire thermochemical process chain under real field… read more »

Suit alleges Amazon’s Alexa violates laws by recording children’s voices without consent

Credit: CC0 Public Domain A lawsuit filed in Seattle Tuesday alleges Amazon is recording children who use its Alexa devices without their consent, in violation of laws governing recordings in at least eight states, including Washington. “Alexa routinely records and voiceprints millions of children without their consent or the consent of their parents,” according to… read more »

Hillwood wants to turn AllianceTexas into ‘mobility innovation zone’ for drones, autonomous vehicles

When Uber announced it would develop and test an urban air taxi service in Dallas, the Perot family’s Hillwood was among the first companies to sign on as one of the ride-hailing company’s business partners. Now the real estate developer wants to turn its giant master-planned development north of Fort Worth into a test bed… read more »