A standardized look at distraction monitors

Credit: CC0 Public Domain A group of scientists in the USA has developed the first-ever standardized method of evaluating commercially available driver-monitoring systems. The details were published in the May issue of IEEE/CAA Journal of Automatica Sinica (JAS), a joint publication of the IEEE and the Chinese Association of Automation. Driver distraction is defined as… read more »

Lithuanian researcher creates AI-based solution for measuring the emotional climate of New York

After carrying out a sentiment analysis of over 36,000 tweets, a young researcher from KTU, Lithuania created a scale which indicates how the residents and visitors rate emotional climate of the different Manhattan neighborhoods. Credit: Juste Suminaite/KTU A young researcher from Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), Lithuania—Domantas Didziapetris—created an artificial intelligence based solution for measuring… read more »

Remaining switched on to silicon-based electronics

Credit: The University of Tokyo The difficulty of further increasing the power conversion efficiency of silicon-based components in power electronics seems to indicate that we are reaching the limits of potential advances to this technology. However, a research group headed by The University of Tokyo recently challenged that view by developing a power switching device… read more »

Do sensors make infrastructure safer?

Matteo Pozzi in front of Scott Hall at Carnegie Mellon University. Credit: College of Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University Simply driving down the road gives you a sense for the current state of our infrastructure: crumbling and in need of repair. Aside from retrofitting or replacing current infrastructure with new construction and materials, new technology like… read more »

Finding fake fingerprints

Credit: CC0 Public Domain It was once the stuff of science fiction security, open your eye wide and look into the camera to gain entry to the spaceship flight deck or press a finger tip or palm of your against the pad to access the secret database that lets you take control of the baddies’… read more »

Hackers seek ransoms from Baltimore and communities across the US

The people of Baltimore are beginning their fifth week under an electronic siege that has prevented residents from obtaining building permits and business licenses—and even buying or selling homes. A year after hackers disrupted the city’s emergency services dispatch system, city workers throughout the city are unable to, among other things, use their government email… read more »

Exploring deeper understanding and better description of networks

Totally homogeneous network examples: A tetrahedron, a minimal 2-cavity network, an 8-node nearest-neighbor network, and a 10-node synchronization-optimal network Credit: Science China Press Since the beginning of the last century, research on complex systems has advanced the fields of chaos, fractals and networks. A network consists of nodes and edges, where nodes represent the elements… read more »