Amazon forges fellowship for ‘Lord of the Rings’ online video game

Amazon has landed a prime franchise on which to build an online game: the Lord of the Rings. Amazon Game Studios will jointly develop the free online game with Hong Kong-headquartered Leyou Technology Holdings, which owns several game studios including Digital Extremes, maker of sci-fi role-playing action game “Warframe.” There is no release date for… read more »

Medical drones for accident and emergency

Remote or computer-controlled aircraft, commonly referred to as “drones” could revolutionize the way in which emergency medical supplies, such as bags of blood plasma, are delivered to areas hit by disaster, accidents or other life-threatening situations. Of course, drones are costly and require skilled operators. Writing in the International Journal of Business Continuity and Risk… read more »

China police bust bitcoin miners for stealing $3 mn in electricity

Bitcoin can be produced or “mined” by banks of computers solving complex algorithms Police in eastern China have busted a ring of illicit bitcoin miners who stole nearly $3 million worth of electricity to generate the digital currency, prompting a local power company to tip off investigators, authorities said Friday. A decentralised virtual currency, bitcoin… read more »

Researchers detail privacy-related legal, ethical challenges with satellite data

Penn State researchers report that GPS-enabled apps have helped a lot of people. But they can also be the source of privacy problems and national security threats. The team offers several suggestions to address those concerns. Credit: Wikimedia Commons Satellite technology has been a boon for humanity, leading to faster, clearer communications, quicker emergency responses,… read more »

Resource-efficient soft exoskeleton for people with walking impediments

Credit: IIT Instituto Italiano di Tecnologia A lot of people have lower limb mobility impairments, but there are few wearable technologies to enable them to walk normally while performing tasks of daily living. XoSoft, a European funded project, has brought together partners from all over Europe to develop a flexible, lightweight and resource-efficient soft exoskeleton… read more »