Investigating robot illusions and simulations of reality

September 17, 2019 feature An illustration of different modes of fakery matched with appropriate intellectual positions: the orthodox view (left) and two forms of philosophical skepticism (center and right). The left column represents an end-to-end physical robot experiment with every part being real. The middle column, bearing the bust of David Hume, involves real sensors… read more »

Charging toward electric bus and charger interoperability

Credit: zhang sheng, Shutterstock Imagine the cities of the future: cleaner, more sustainable, with ecofriendly urban transport such as electrically powered buses, garbage trucks and delivery vehicles that can be charged quickly and automatically. For this vision to become a reality, different vehicles must have the capacity to be charged at any charging unit, irrespective… read more »

Commercial cloud service providers give artificial intelligence computing a boost

MIT researchers are training a pair of generative adversarial networks, or GANs, to mimic the land, sea, and cloud textures seen in satellite images with the goal of eventually visualizing real-world sea-level rise. It’s one of many artificial intelligence research projects made possible by IBM and Google-donated cloud credits. Credit: Brandon Leshchinskiy Neural networks have… read more »

Apple and Google to offer frictionless gaming, if your NBN plan can handle it

Google’s Stadia will be available through the Google Chrome web browser, on smartphones, smart televisions, tablets, and through Chromecast. Credit: dronepicr/Wikimedia Commons, CC BY Two of the biggest tech companies in the world, Apple and Google, are launching cloud-based gaming services this year. Apple Arcade, due for release in two days, will ultimately go head-to-head… read more »