Momentum grows for a digital watchdog to regulate tech giants

With Big Tech accused of everything from decimating industries to abusing privacy, calls are growing for the creation of a federal regulator. Presidential candidates, consumer advocates and some antitrust enforcers have focused on breaking up Inc., Apple Inc., Facebook Inc. and Alphabet Inc.”s Google—or at least forcing them to unwind past acquisitions. Yet those… read more »

Report reveals growing threat of cyberattacks to food safety

Credit: University of Minnesota A new report by University of Minnesota researchers indicates cyberattacks pose a rising threat to food production and safety. “Adulterating More Than Food: The Cyber Risk to Food Processing and Manufacturing,” released today by the University’s Food Protection and Defense Institute (FPDI), illustrates the mounting cybersecurity risk facing the food industry… read more »

Rumi matches individuals who have a disability with compatible caregiver-roommate

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Blake Elliott, 38, has worked in disability services for 10 years, but his training began earlier. In 2003, his then 16-year-old brother suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car crash and has required 24-hour care since. He’s received that care in-home but Elliott knows that most people with disabilities—whether they… read more »

AI to help drive engine efficiencies on the road

Utilizing ALCF supercomputing resources, Argonne researchers are developing the deep learning framework MaLTESE with autonomous — or self-driving — and cloud-connected vehicles in mind. This work could help meet demand to deliver better engine performance, fuel economy and reduced emissions. Credit: Shutterstock /Ju Jae-young Researchers at Argonne are developing the deep learning framework MaLTESE (Machine… read more »

A smart artificial hand for amputees merges user and robotic control

Credit: Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne EPFL scientists are developing new approaches for improved control of robotic hands—in particular for amputees—that combines individual finger control and automation for improved grasping and manipulation. This interdisciplinary proof of concept between neuroengineering and robotics was successfully tested on three amputees and seven healthy subjects. The results are published… read more »

Control of snake-like robots for high mobility and dexterity

The snake-like robot T2 Snake-3. Credit: University of Electro Communications Snake-like articulated mobile robots can enter narrow spaces and climb obstacles using their long and thin bodies, and are effective for inspection of narrow spaces and search-and-rescue operation on disaster sites. However, it is difficult to control their precise movements because they have so many… read more »