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Messier 11 stardate online stardate online your guide to the universe

stardate online your guide to the universe

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Messier 11 | StarDate Online
You can’t always tell the relative ages of siblings just by looking at them. Differences in genetics — and in lifestyle — can make a younger one look older, or an older one look younger.The same thing is true of the star cluster Messier 11. Its stars should all be about the same age. But they don’t look it. That may be the result of some fast living.Messier 11 is one of the biggest and ...
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Messier 11 | StarDate Online
Messier 11 is a cluster that contains about 3,000 stars packed into a small volume of space. It’s in the southeast this evening, to the upper left of teapot-shaped Sagittarius. Under dark skies, M11 is just visible to the unaided eye. Messier 11 | StarDate Online...
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A Big Cluster | StarDate Online
Messier 11 is one of the biggest star clusters of its type in our region of the galaxy. It contains about 3,000 stars and spans a few dozen light-years. Its hotter, brighter stars shine blue-white in this image from the European Southern Observatory. M11 is in the constellation Scutum, and is about 6,000 light-years away. [ESO]...
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Wild Duck Cluster | StarDate Online
A beautiful star cluster comes into view on summer evenings. Messier 11 is more than 6,000 light-years away, in the constellation Scutum, the shield. Long ago, an observer noted that the cluster’s brightest stars make the shape of the letter V, saying they resembled a flight of wild ducks. So M11 is also known as the Wild Duck cluster.It consists of hundreds of young stars that were all born ...
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