Luminar Win / 3.1.2 macOS Free Download

Luminar Win / 3.1.2 macOS Free Download

Luminar is the famous Mac image editing application that is now available for its Windows version. This editor is very simple and beautiful, and has provided many tools for correction of image problems and photo editing. This program, like Photoshop , displays the changes as layering so that the individual editing of each layer can be done. Also, the history… read more »

British inventor Dyson pays $54 mln for Singapore’s priciest penthouse

James Dyson’s new property in Wallich Towers has five bedrooms, a private garden and a viewing deck on the 62nd floor British billionaire inventor James Dyson has paid a reported $54 million for Singapore’s biggest, most expensive penthouse: a three-floor residence with a rooftop terrace, private pool, and jacuzzi. His electric appliance company, known for… read more »

Nanobowl arrays endow perovskite solar cells with iridescent colors

Schematic illustration and photographs of colorful perovskite solar cells based on nanobowl arrays. Credit: Science China Press With the maturing of perovskite solar cells (PSCs) technology, it is highly desirable to develop colorful solar cells to satisfy the requirements of aesthetic purposes in applications including building integrated photovoltaics and wearable electronics. The broad optical absorption… read more »

New app aims to automate drones for good

Cascade project testing. Credit: Cranfield University Researchers at Cranfield University have developed a smartphone app which can connect with off-the-shelf drones and send them to autonomously inspect multiple locations using coordinates received by SMS text message. Controlling drones in this way could be useful for a variety of applications in the future including the collection… read more »

Deep learning-powered ‘DeepEC’ framework helps accurately understand enzyme functions

Overall scheme of DeepEC. Credit: KAIST A deep learning-powered computational framework, ‘DeepEC,’ will allow the high-quality and high-throughput prediction of enzyme commission numbers, which is essential for the accurate understanding of enzyme functions. A team comprising Dr. Jae Yong Ryu, Professor Hyun Uk Kim, and Distinguished Professor Sang Yup Lee at KAIST reported the computational… read more »