Hackers seek ransoms from Baltimore and communities across the US

The people of Baltimore are beginning their fifth week under an electronic siege that has prevented residents from obtaining building permits and business licenses—and even buying or selling homes. A year after hackers disrupted the city’s emergency services dispatch system, city workers throughout the city are unable to, among other things, use their government email… read more »

Exploring deeper understanding and better description of networks

Totally homogeneous network examples: A tetrahedron, a minimal 2-cavity network, an 8-node nearest-neighbor network, and a 10-node synchronization-optimal network Credit: Science China Press Since the beginning of the last century, research on complex systems has advanced the fields of chaos, fractals and networks. A network consists of nodes and edges, where nodes represent the elements… read more »

Renault to bring case against Ghosn over expenses

Ex Renault-Nissan chief executive Carlos Ghosn faces a shareholder’s complaint in connection with 11 million euros in questionable expenses French carmaker Renault is to bring a case against former chief executive Carlos Ghosn after identifying 11 million euros of questionable expenses, the government said Wednesday, in a new blow for the fallen tycoon as he… read more »