How robots are being inspired by insects

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Modern societies rely on robotics technology to conduct a huge range of functions vital to the smooth running of industrial manufacturing systems, as well as to other sectors like construction, healthcare and transport. However, a key limitation of most robots is the fact that they are only able to perform one… read more »

Measuring solar stores of the Arabian Peninsula

Global atmospheric conditions are downscaled using a general circulation atmospheric model on KAUST’s supercomputer, Shaheen, to evaluate the high-resolution solar resources over the Arabian Peninsula. Credit: KAUST Mapping variations in sunlight across the Arabian Peninsula reveals a bright future for solar energy in the region. KAUST’s detailed study of solar irradiance over the Arabian Peninsula… read more »

A battery-free sensor for underwater exploration

A battery-free underwater “piezoelectric” sensor invented by MIT researchers transmits data by absorbing or reflecting sound waves back to a receiver, where a reflected wave decodes a 1 bit and an absorbed wave decodes a 0 bit — and simultaneously stores energy. Credit: Massachusetts Institute of Technology To investigate the vastly unexplored oceans covering most… read more »

Real-time 4K video transmission made possible with high-speed millimetre wave technology

Credit: Color4260, Shutterstock Researchers have developed a millimeter wave (mmW) wireless communication system, enabling long-distance communication and transmitting 4K uncompressed video from a drone in real time. The advent of 5G broadband will open a whole new range of possibilities, such as 360-degree video streaming and immersive virtual reality applications. Perhaps more important are all… read more »

World’s thinnest, lightest signal amplifier enables bioinstrumentation with reduced noise

Fig. 1. Electrocardiac signals obtained using flexible organic differential amplifier (A)Conventional single-ended amplifier(B)Differential amplifier developed in this study(C)Electrocardiac signals obtained from a walking subject. In the electrocardiac signals obtained using a conventional single-ended amplifier, large noise caused by walking is included in the waveform. In contrast, such noise is removed from the waveform obtained using… read more »

A promising step in returning bipedal mobility

New research effort aims to help people walk again by combining exoskeletons with spinal stimulation. Credit: California Institute of Technology Engineers at Caltech have launched a new research initiative aimed at restoring natural and stable locomotion to individuals with walking deficiencies that result from spinal cord injuries and strokes. This initiative, dubbed RoAM (Robotic Assisted… read more »

Simple guidelines can slow the spread of fake news on Facebook

Credit: CC0 Public Domain In this era of conflicting ideologies, fake news about climate change—especially on Facebook—can embolden those who remain unconvinced that it’s a threat and can easily influence people who only casually follow the issue. Lauren Lutzke, a doctoral student at the University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability, hopes her research… read more »

New models for handwriting recognition in online Latin and Arabic scripts

The architecture of OnHS-LSTM. Credit: Akouaydi et al. Researchers at the University of Sfax, in Tunisia, have recently developed a new method to recognize handwritten characters and symbols in online scripts. Their technique, presented in a paper pre-published on arXiv, has already achieved remarkable performance on texts written in both the Latin and Arabic alphabet…. read more »

AirDrop is making your iPhone vulnerable to attackers

Credit: Ruby Wallau/Northeastern University Whether you’re checking text messages on your smartwatch or sharing selfies with a friend at a concert, it’s becoming easier and easier to send files and information between devices. But this connectivity may come at the expense of security. A team of researchers from Northeastern University and the Technical University of… read more »