Preparing scientific applications for exascale computing

Exascale computers will be used to solve problems in a wide range of scientific applications, including to simulate the lifetime operations of small modular nuclear reactors (left) and to understand the complex relationship between 3-D printing processes and material properties (right). Credit: Oak Ridge National Lab Exascale computers are soon expected to debut, including Frontier… read more »

Artificial intelligence-enhanced journalism offers a glimpse of the future of the knowledge economy

Robots won’t hold the pens just yet, but they can help people do the work. Credit: Paul Fleet/ Much as robots have transformed entire swaths of the manufacturing economy, artificial intelligence and automation are now changing information work, letting humans offload cognitive labor to computers. In journalism, for instance, data mining systems alert reporters to… read more »

Cara Membuat Resep Tempura Udang Goreng Ebi Furai ala Resto

Resep tempura udang goreng sederhana lengkap dengan cara membuat adonan tempuranya. Tempura adalah salah satu resep masakan dari Jepang yang terbuat dari udang, ikan, ayam dan sayuran segar yang dibungkus dengan adonan tepung dan digoreng. Karena dibalut dengan tepung tempura dan digoreng, maka kerenyahan resep masakan jepang kali ini menjadi ciri khas utamanya. Untuk membuat… read more »

Driverless cars are going to disrupt the airline industry

Credit: photo-denver/ As driverless cars become more capable and more common, they will change people’s travel habits not only around their own communities but across much larger distances. Our research has revealed just how much people’s travel preferences could shift, and found a new potential challenge to the airline industry. Imagine someone who lives in… read more »

A platform for Africa’s mobile innovators

Africa’s Talking, which offers developers voice and text functions to add to their solutions, employs around 160 people and is scaling quickly around Africa. Credit: Africa’s Talking Sam Gikandi ’05 SM ’06 and Eston Kimani ’05 have always believed in the potential of Africa’s entrepreneurial community. Their years at MIT, beginning in 2001 when they… read more »

Why people will beat machines in recognizing speech for a long time

Credit: Pathdoc/Shutterstock.cim Imagine a world in which Siri always understands you, Google Translate works perfectly, and the two of them create something akin to a Doctor Who style translation circuit. Imagine being able to communicate freely wherever you go (not having to mutter in school French to your Parisian waiter). It’s an attractive, but still… read more »

Resep Takoyaki Jepang Enak Dan Cara Membuat Bahan Adonan

Cara Membuat Resep Takoyaki Makanan Cemilan Gurih dan Mantap Dari Jepang. Takoyaki adalah salah satu makanan Jepang yang mempunyai bentuk seperti bola yang imut dan terbuat dari tepung dan taburan katsuobushi serta disajikan dengan berbagai macam saos. Biasanya sih makanan ini mempunyai isi cumi-cumi atau gurita yang diolah dengan bumbu sederhana dan saos takoyaki khas… read more »