Overcome the bottleneck of solid electrolytes for lithium batteries

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Prof. Ma Cheng from the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) and his collaborators proposed an effective strategy to address the electrode-electrolyte contact issue that is limiting the development of next-generation solid-state Li batteries. The solid-solid composite electrode created this way exhibited exceptional capacities and rate performances. Replacing the… read more »

5G technology goes underground

Credit: Mark Agnor, Shutterstock Automation and digitalization are increasingly used in almost every major industry to improve efficiency. Thanks to rapid advances in artificial intelligence and robotics, and innovations like X-ray diffraction and electric vehicles, the mining sector is also catching up with the technological revolution. According to a White Paper by the World Economic… read more »

How to improve airport capacity and efficiency with revised standards

Credit: hlopex, Shutterstock Do you have fear of flying and get goose bumps just hearing the term wake turbulence? A phenomenon that occurs when aircraft generates a pair of tornado-like counter-rotating vortices during flight, wake turbulence is a frequently studied topic. Wake vortices can cause violent rolling motions and even flip small aircraft upside down… read more »

How CERN machine-learning techniques could improve autonomous vehicles

Around 100 simultaneous proton–proton collisions in an event recorded by the CMS experiment. Credit: Thomas McCauley/CMS/CERN With about one billion proton–proton collisions per second at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the LHC experiments need to sift quickly through the wealth of data to choose which collisions to analyse. To cope with an even higher number… read more »

Psychosensory electronic skin technology for future AI and humanoid development

A mimetic diagram of artificial pain generation based on signal processing through a sense of touch. Credit: DGIST Professor Jae Eun Jang’s team in the Department of Information and Communication Engineering has developed electronic skin technology that can detect “prick” and “hot” pain sensations like humans. This research result has applications in the development of… read more »

Airbus says AirAsia X places $5 billion order 

Combining long rage with single-aisle compactness Malaysian low-cost airline AirAsia X has ordered 42 Airbus aircraft worth a total catalogue price of five billion dollars, Airbus said Friday. The Malaysian carrier has placed a firm order for 12 long-range A330neo planes and 30 medium-range A321XLR models, the European aircraft manufacturer said in a statement. Major… read more »

Threat of mass shootings give rise to AI-powered cameras

In this July 30, 2019, photo, Paul Hildreth, emergency operations coordinator for the Fulton County School District, works in the emergency operations center at the Fulton County School District Administration Center in Atlanta. Artificial Intelligence is transforming surveillance cameras from passive sentries into active observers that can immediately spot a gunman, alert retailers when someone… read more »

Google reveals years-long ‘indiscriminate’ iPhone hack

Google cybersecurity experts said the operation used hacked websites to implant malicious software in iPhones to access data, photos and user locations Google security experts uncovered an “indiscriminate” hacking operation that targeted iPhones over a period of at least two years and used websites to implant malicious software to access photos, user locations and other… read more »