Cambridge Analytica whistleblower has book out next week

This cover image released by Random House shows “Mindf*ck: Cambridge Analytica And The Plot To Break America,” by Christopher Wylie, which will be published Oct. 8, 2019. (Random House via AP) The whistleblower at Cambridge Analytica, the data-mining firm linked to using social media for targeted political ads, has a book deal. Christopher Wylie’s “Mindf(asterisk)ck:… read more »

Monitoring bridge safety with wireless sensors

The Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge in Japan, the world’s longest suspension span. Credit: Wikipedia Tens of thousands of bridges across the country are deteriorating, creating potentially dangerous conditions. Particularly after a natural disaster, being able to assess a bridge’s structural integrity can be critical. Researchers from Washington University in St. Louis and Michigan State University (MSU) are… read more »

Hybrid sliding-rocking bridge columns are more earthquake-resistant

Researchers are developing bridge columns that are earthquake-resistant. Credit: Texas A&M University Bridges make travel faster and more convenient, but, in an earthquake, these structures are subject to forces that can cause extensive damage and make them unsafe. Now civil and environmental engineer Petros Sideris of Texas A&M University is leading an NSF-funded research project… read more »

New high-definition satellite radar can detect bridges at risk of collapse from space

The Morandi Bridge before its collapse. New satellite radar imaging can show the movement of structures with millimetre accuracy. Credit: Remote Sensing Researchers from the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and the University of Bath have developed a satellite-based early warning system that could spot tiny movements in bridges that indicate they could collapse. Combining… read more »

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