Most adults have never heard of TikTok. That’s by design

Children’s engagement with digital devices is often driven by their desire for creative expression, entertainment and social interaction. Credit: Shutterstock TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media platforms on the planet, with more than 500 million active users. Only YouTube, Facebook and Instagram boast more. TikTok allows users to create short videos with… read more »

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A guide to the app TikTok for anyone who isn’t a teen.
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10 TikTok Statistics That You Need to Know in 2019
Most people might recall TikTok as being the hit pop single by Kesha. And we don’t blame them. But for the teens of the world, it has taken a completely different meaning. Try asking one of Gen Z’ers and they’ll tell you that TikTok is a completely new subculture. TikTok is one of the fastest ...
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What is TikTok? The app that used to be - Vox
"Hey girl, you like me a little bit?" "Why do good girls like bad guys?" TikTok is part of the world’s most valuable startup. But you probably only know about the memes....
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After criticism, DHS drops a proposal to expand facial recognition scans to US citizens arriving and departing the country — Homeland Security has confirmed it will not expand face recognition scans to U.S. citizens arriving and departing the country, days after it emerged the agency proposed making the scans for citizens mandatory....
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